Recovery - Grieving the Loss of a Family Member

Here are some things that could help you if you are grieving the loss of a family member.



The death of a beloved person can be a very distressing experience, and understanding how to cope with grief in general can be helpful regardless of the circumstances of the person’s death.
There are some common factors that distinguish the experience of grief after a death from substance use (accidental overdose, or other accident, suicide, homicide, or medical complication) from other kinds of grief. (In Part 1 & Part 2 of an article on this topic, read comments from others who have experienced this kind of loss.)


These are private Facebook groups per state. You must be on Facebook and apply to join. The focus of these groups is supporting bereaved parents...

This is a private Facebook group. You must be on Facebook and apply to join. The focus of this group is supporting bereaved parents and …

Facebook support group for members only. You must be on Facebook and apply to join. This group is for Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing.

Substance Abuse and Overdose: When a Loved One Dies

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What’s Your Grief We recommend also reviewing the comments made by other readers of this article.

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