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Follow these Submission Guidelines for the SADOD “Peer Grief Support Voices” Newsletter

Unsolicted Articles

SADOD does not accept unsolicited articles. If you would like to write an article for VOICES, please email your idea for the article to [email protected]. Include “VOICES IDEA” in the subject line of your email, and in the body include your name, email address, phone number, and a very brief explanation of your idea — and explain why you are qualified to write the article. SADOD does not pay for newsletter articles or artwork.

Guest Contributors

The VOICES editor sometimes invites someone to write an article for the newsletter, and some of those invitations begin with a person submitting an idea for an article (see above, “Unsolicited Articles”). In addition to whatever the contributor and the editor agree on about the content of an article, the following submission guidelines apply.

Format: Articles should be submitted via email ([email protected]) as an attachment in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format or as a Google Document. Please do not send in .pdf format.

Length of Article: Submissions should be between 500 and 1,000 words, unless a different agreement is made in advance. 

Editing: The editors reserve the right to correct  spelling and grammar and to reduce the length of an article, but we will not alter its overall intent or meaning. Submissions may be edited to conform to space and format requirements and to improve clarity, without the writer’s permission, as long as no changes are made to the writer’s overall objective. If more-extensive changes are needed, they will be made in consultation with the author.

Credit: We will publish your article with your name in the  byline.

Submission of Photos: Photos may accompany submitted articles upon request of the editor. Photos should be submitted in .jpeg (.jpg) format and include a caption clearly describing the content of the photo, the name of the person who took the photo, and whether the photo is copyrighted and if permission is granted to publish the photo.  

Permission and Copyright: By submitting material for publication, you give Peer Support Community Partners, LLC and SADOD the non-exclusive license to use your submission in any print and/or electronic publication. Please only submit your original writing and/or include links to others’ work to avoid potential copyright issues. By submitting to the SADOD newsletter, you certify that all content is your own and does not include any third-party text or images (unless an explanation and permission is granted for their use).

No Obligation to Publish: We are under no obligation to publish content from any writer, photographer, or artist.