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Grief Conference

Private Memorial Ideas

  1. Create an online memorial on Honoring the Many.
  2. Create a piece of art and post it on Visions & Voices.
  3. Visit the gravesite of your loved one.
  4. Do an activity that you and your loved one used to do together.
  5. Listen to your loved one’s favorite song or watch their favorite movie.
  6. Light a candle in memory of your loved one.
  7. Write a message to your loved one. 
  8. Cook your loved one’s favorite dish. 
  9. Look through old photos of you and your loved one.
  10. Share stories about your loved one or photos of them on social media. 
  11. Post a tribute on the International Overdose Awareness Day site.
  12. Plant a tree, flower, or garden.
  13. Get a tattoo in their memory.
  14. Contribute to a charity in honor of your loved one.
  15. Adopt a section of highway in honor of them.
  16. Make a quilt from your loved one’s clothing. 
  17. Take a trip to a place that was special to your loved one.
  18. Make a time capsule to honor the departed person.
  19. Set up a college (or other) scholarship in honor of your loved one. 
  20. Let your heart lead you.