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Peer-to-Peer with Colleagues


  • The foundation for peer support among frontline care providers is meaningful connections with colleagues and others who are able to share in a safe, mutually helpful way about the effects fatalities are having on you.
  • In interactions with peers, intentionally employ the five core actions — promoting safety, calm, connectedness, hope, and self-efficacy (personal empowerment) — that research shows are helpful.
    Helping each other cope with the grief, trauma, and distress from being exposed to fatalities is one of best ways there is to become skilled in employing trauma-informed practices.
  • Invite grief to be in the foreground and make space for it by focusing on the concepts and topics to the five key practices for providing grief support.
  • Consider helping another colleague — as they help you — by sharing the valuable task of creating a personalized Emergency Self-Care Worksheet.


Intentional Peer Support

Intentional Peer Support

Please join us to discuss issues of grief and loss with your peers every week.

Let us gather to support each other around the grief and loss issues within our community.