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Call for Presenters

Visions and Voices Submission Guidelines

Creativity and creative expression can be valuable tools in a grief journey. “Visions & Voices” is a venue to share your work and witness the work of others. If you are a bereaved individual who wants to share your art to help yourself and others, we invite you to submit your original creations.

Submissions can be sent to [email protected]. Please include the following:

  1. Title of the creation
  2. Your full name
  3. Your full address and phone number
  4. If your creation is not a written piece:
  5. An original photo of the piece
  6. A brief explanation of how the creation relates to your grief journey.
  7. Who the piece is done in memory or honor of.
  8. Head and shoulders picture of yourself

The acceptable submission includes:

  • Full-length articles (2000 words or under)
  • Shorter essays
  • Poems of any length
  • Original photography
  • An original photograph of your creation. Examples include but are not limited to
    • Paintings
    • Drawings
    • Sculptures
    • Needlepoint
    • Metalwork
    • Landscaping
    • Almost any creative outlet

All submissions must be:

  • Original works, if quoting someone else’s work, please seek the appropriate permissions and correctly reference the work.
  • Truthful, please make sure that all facts in the writings are true.
  • From a Peer perspective, If you are a clinician, your work must be from a peer perspective.

All submissions must NOT :

  • Include offensive or discriminatory language
  • Include full names of people who are still living without their permission
  • Self-promote or promote products or services.

Permission and Copyright: By submitting material for publication, you give Peer Support Community Partners, LLC and SADOD the non-exclusive license to use your submission in any print and/or electronic publication. Please only submit your original creations and/or include links to others’ work to avoid potential copyright issues. By submitting, you certify that you own the copyright to all content, and it does not include any third-party text or images (unless an explanation and permission is granted for their use).

No Obligation to Publish: We are under no obligation to publish content from any writer, photographer, or artist.