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Don Lipstein

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Don Lipstein CBFRLC, ACC Founder of Imagine Family Recovery, LLC discovered his passion for working with families who are distraught and hopeless due to a loved one's Substance Use Disorder (SUD) shortly after his son died by suicide in 2011. Don's unbearable grief led him to TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) where he found healing and his newfound desire to help others who were in his shoes. He joined the TAPS staff in 2012 and quickly recognized that many of the deceased had battled with SUD just as his son, Josh had. These families were devastated and didn't know how to support their loved ones or find recovery.

This revelation put Don on a quest to discover more about this crisis. After years of research, and attending countless meetings with multiple different organizations, Don located a pathway that is a proven success, one which rings true in his heart. He once heard someone at one of the meetings share, “The answer to any question is love”. This echoes deeply within his soul. He feels very passionate about saving lives and has learned that one of the keys is for families to understand their role in recovery.

After being introduced to the BALM (Be A Loving Mirror) method, Don trained at The BALM Training Institute and received his Family Recovery Life Coaching certifications through this highly successful program. Don knows that following this path, dramatically improves the chances of the whole family recovering from their loved one's SUD. He imagines a day when families are free from the disease.

He is currently working with SADOD as a Community Peer Grief Support Program Coordinator. He is grateful to be doing this work on their behalf based on his personal experience and knowing how important it is to receive the support SADOD provides.