Your ‘Visions & Voices’ Welcome Here

VOICES creates content to help people survive the loss of a loved one to a death from substance use. Creative coping is a technique that goes one step further and helps people share their experience (through art) in a way that feels cathartic to them.

According to artist Lauren Irma Altman in “Using Art to Cope with Grief”: “The more we write and create and share, the more we intersect with amazing people asking the same questions. We never stop being grateful when these individuals trust us enough to share their art, their grief, and their thoughts.”

We wholeheartedly agree, so SADOD is launching a new segment to the newsletter we are calling Visions & Voices. We invite you to submit something you wrote or created that expresses your journey through grief, and we will publish these in VOICES every month or on

Submissions can be sent to [email protected]. You will find more information in the submission guidelines [NEEDS LINK]. Please share your voice, and help others navigate their sense of hopelessness through your vision of hope.