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SADOD is proud to be associated with two peer grief helpers with affiliations to the MA Commission on the Status of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. Kerry Bickford was a founding member of the Commission and served for 10 years and Deb Dowd-Foley is serving currently. They have made significant contributions to the work of the Commission, and each of them facilitates both a peer grief group and a support group for grandparents raising grandchildren.

Many volunteer hours went into the implementation of the GRG website prior to state funding that allowed the Commission to hire someone to keep it up to date. Tip sheets were created in response to listening tours throughout the state that identified critical information gaps, including Choices on Custody. When DCF Is Involved, Legal Resources and more. All can be downloaded from the website (in English, Portuguese and Spanish). The website also features a support group locator, financial resource information, newsletters, and other helpful news and information.

Make sure to visit the Resources to Support You page and share the GRG website with colleagues and friends who may be interested in the information and assistance available to grandparent families in Massachusetts.