Here’s a SADOD Resource: Do You Have One to Share?

SADOD has created a number of resources for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one to an overdose or other tragedy related to substance use. Our blog will occasionally feature a SADOD resource or an item we know of that is intended to help people cope with grief, for example, the handout “The Pain of Grief.”

One of the most difficult things about grief is that it is painful in a way that can be devastating or even paralyzing. “The Pain of Grief” offers ways to think about this pain (it is a normal part of grieving) and things to do about it (give yourself permission to feel as sad as you need to feel) that some people have found to be helpful. It also explains several practices (visualizing a safe place, using affirmative self-talk) that can help a person cope with the distress they feel.

Please share “The Pain of Grief” handout far and wide. We welcome your feedback about this resource and about any of the items and information you find on Please also let us know about any resource that has given you strength or comfort on your grief journey, and we’ll consider it for inclusion on the website.