Virtual Groups

Welcome to the Age of Virtual Groups Virtual meetings are serving a vital purpose during this highly unusual and frightening time when the COVID-19 pandemic has eliminated or altered face-to-face services. Many people are living in isolation and unable to connect with the outside world due to the social restrictions placed on all of us. …

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Peer Grief Support Locator

Find a Peer Grief Support Group When someone is grieving, they experience many different feelings, including sadness, guilt, anger, fear, isolation, heartbreak, and longing for their loved one. The stigma associated with having a loved one die of an overdose can exacerbate these feelings. With the COVID-19 pandemic, fear and isolation are becoming almost universal …

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Grieving Friend Interviewed on “Last Day” “Dave and Chris co-hosted 142 episodes of Dopey, a recovery podcast about ‘drugs, addiction and dumb s—-,’ when the worst thing that could have ever happened, happened: Chris relapsed and died.”  Thus begins the description of episode16 of Last Day, a podcast I’ve been a fan of since the …

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