SADOD is at the very beginning of its development, and currently only the blog is publicly accessible. The website — soon to include a resources section and an online discussion forum — will be created and maintained by people who have been affected by a substance-use death and their allies. If you have feedback — or if you are interested in learning more about the development of SADOD — please contact Franklin Cook.

The vision of SADOD.org is for a website where people who have been affected by a substance-use death can find the help they need and connect with others who have had similar experiences of grief, trauma, and/or distress. The site serves several groups of people:


  • Family members and others who are bereaved can get help coping with grief and loss [CLICK HERE].
  • First responders and other caregivers who provide assistance to people in the aftermath of a fatality can get help with trauma or distress they have experienced. [CLICK HERE]
  • People in recovery or struggling with addiction can get support in the aftermath of an overdose fatality. [CLICK HERE]


All kinds of service providers can find information, assistance, and discussions on SADOD about helping people who are affected by a death, for example:

  • Peer helpers working with people bereaved by a substance-use death
  • Licensed clinicians, such as:
    • Grief counselors
    • Mental health and social work practitioners
    • Physicians, nurses, other healthcare professionals
  • Community-based service providers, such as:
    • Law enforcement, emergency medical services, firefighters
    • Funeral directors, coroners, medical examiners
    • Faith leaders, chaplains
    • Crisis, disaster, and trauma response workers
    • Hospice staff, volunteer grief support workers
  • People who routinely encounter bereaved people, such as social services workers, lawyers, school personnel, military support personnel, life insurance claims representatives


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