Peer Sharing Circles Workshop



This two-day workshop covers an innovative model for facilitating peer support groups focused on helping people cope with grief after a death from an overdose. Peer support is assistance offered by one bereaved person to another—and peer helpers who facilitate Peer Sharing Circles are trained to create a safe space where a small group of people who are grieving the death from substance use of someone close to them can share their experiences with each other in a way that is mutually helpful (peer support is also known as mutual help).

Contact Franklin Cook to inquire about bringing the workshop to your community.

Franklin adapted a number of traditional circle and dialogue approaches to create the Peer Sharing Circle for Grief Support model. He has 20 years of experience in the field of peer grief support, and he is a national leader in its application on behalf of people bereaved by suicide. Franklin also is in long-term recovery from addiction and recently began focusing his work in grief support on responding to people’s needs in the aftermath of overdose deaths. He is now applying the lessons he has learned during his career to advance the cause of helping people in the wake of the opioid addiction epidemic.

The methods used in Peer Grief Sharing Circles are based on:

  • Practices used by human beings for tens of thousands of years (see applications of these practices at Ways of Council,
  • An approach described by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea in The Circle Way (see the free download at
  • Principles of servant leadership (see Servant as Leader,
  • Principles of dialogue from the work of David Bohm (1996)
  • Practices that have proven effective for all kinds of peer support programs (see, excerpted from Cook, Langford, & Ruocco, 2017)
  • Modern theories of grief (see the article by Doughty, Wissel, & Glorfield,



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