News of Interest: Teen Calls Death of Second Family Member “Surreal”

[June 19, 2018 — Toledo, OH] In a WTVG TV interview [story begins at the 58-second mark], reporter Melissa Voetsch talks to Charles Boiselle after the 16-year-old received a gift from the Boyk Law Bikes for Kids program. Charles’s sister, Brandi, died of a heroin overdose in May, and their father died of an overdose two years ago. “‘For awhile it starts to feel kind of surreal,’ [Charles says,] ‘like, am I in a dream right now, and this person’s going to walk through the door the next day and everything’s going to be fine?'”  He calls the gift of a new bicycle “‘one of those little lights in the darkness.'”

News of Interest” links readers to stories and information related to grief after a death from substance use.

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