News of Interest: Mother’s Book Called “Beautiful, Raw, Strangely Uplifting”

[June 12, 2018 — The Hollywood Reporter] In ‘Goliath’ PA’s Mother Translates Grief Into New Book, staff writer Chris Gardner covers the recent release of Lukelove. My Boy, My Grief, My Journal: Losing a Child to Opioids, by Sheila Scott, whose 23-year-old son, Luke, died of an overdose in 2016. Luke’s story became well-known a few months after he died when Billy Bob Thornton dedicated his Golden Globe for “Goliath” to Luke, who was a production assistant for the show. The book, which one Amazon reviewer called “beautiful, raw, and strangely uplifting,” also has a companion website.

News of Interest” links readers to stories and information related to grief after a death from substance use.

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