News of Interest: Grieving Mom Pleas for Any Witness to Call for Help

[July 6, 2018 — Independent Tribune, Concord, NC] In Daughter’s Overdose Death Spurs Mom to Raise Awareness, reporter Erin Weeks shares the story of Amy Sloop-Morris, whose 19-year-old daughter Taylor died of a fentanyl overdose last November. Amy learned that several people may have known that Taylor had become unresponsive, but they failed to call for help — and she pleas for people, even if they are involved with drugs at the scene, to call for help to save someone’s life: “‘I have learned that there are so many other fathers and mothers out there like me with almost identical stories, and every day now I find someone new who has lost their child.'” Learn more about Amy’s advocacy and education efforts at her “Justice for Taylor” Facebook page.

News of Interest” links readers to stories and information related to grief after a death from substance use.

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