News of Interest: Survivor Explains Grief with Simple Observations of Loss

[July 13, 2018 — Delaware Online] In When a Drug Overdose Kills Your Child, This Is What It Does to Your Life, MaryBeth Cichocki offers a first-person view of grief after losing her 37-year-old son Matt Klosowski to an overdose in 2015. The article is, in fact, a prose poem in which she makes dozens of simply stated observations that could not be more poignant:

  • Losing your child goes against the cycle of life.
  • Every day, this club adds more members.
  • Life is now in pieces.
  • Your grief is palpable.
  • You ask for signs. You look to the sky …
  • You are trying to find a new meaning to life.
  • Your journey is to honor your child …
  • Their fight is over. Yours has begun.
  • You are the mother of an addict. You will not be silenced.

MaryBeth is a regular contributor to The Fix. Her blog is Mother’s Heartbreak.

News of Interest” links readers to stories and information related to grief after a death from substance use.

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